Poet Maya Angelou: An Inspiring Impact

Maya Angelou (Photo by Patrick Fraser/Corbis via Getty Images)

Maya Angelou was a remarkable woman who left an indelible mark on the world with her writing and activism. As we celebrate Women’s Month, it is important to recognize the contributions of women like Maya Angelou who have paved the way for future generations. On April 4, 1928, Marguerite Ann Johnson – famously known as… Continue reading Poet Maya Angelou: An Inspiring Impact

Marian Croak: A beacon of light in the tech industry

Marian R. Croak is a renowned inventor in the voice and data communication fields, boasting over 200 patents. She is most famous for developing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which converts voice into a digital signal and enables users to make calls from computers and other digital devices. Born in 1955, she grew up… Continue reading Marian Croak: A beacon of light in the tech industry


For over 400 years, minorities have battled their way to stand their ground in the bustling capitalistic United States and create businesses to help their families achieve the well known American dream. For the longest time, opportunities have been held from minority business owners. Capital has been withheld. Minority businesses owners have been discriminated against… Continue reading MBDA EVENT BLOG

Parent Alphabet Cut Over 12,000 people

What is Alphabet Inc.? Alphabet Inc. is a holding company that provides resources, freedom, and focus to market their ideas to their workers. Alphabet, as in the subsidiary company for Google and Youtube, not the ABCs, your children learn, has targeted their employees in this catastrophe of rising prices. Alphabet ranks 33rd in their company’s… Continue reading Parent Alphabet Cut Over 12,000 people

How Do Staffing Companies Work?

Finding a job can be challenging. Despite the fact that unemployment is at its lowest level since February 2001, the labor market is still tough. Stand out from the competition and get your foot in the door, which could be a career in itself! On the other hand, identifying the right applicants to fill these… Continue reading How Do Staffing Companies Work?

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